Key Features

Streamlined Event Creation:
Create customized event invitations with all the necessary details including date and time, venue with GPS location, online gift registries and more...
Guest List Management:
Easily compile your guest list and share beautifully designed invitations via email or whatsapp. Stay informed with updates as guests respond. View your guest's RSVP status and attendee count at any time.
Personalized RSVP Experience:
Guests can conveniently RSVP directly from a personalized link sent to them providing a seamless experience for everyone involved.

How It Works

Sign Up
Create a free account or sign in with your google account
Create an Event
Simply provide event details: name(e.g 'My Awesome Birthday party'), invitation message to send to your guests, date, time, venue. Optionally add
  • Links to your gift registries
  • Any special instructions or preferences for your guests
  • Invite people
    Add the people you want to invite, a unique RSVP link is generated for each guest, with just a click of a button you can
  • Send invitations with your message and individualised RSVP link to all email recepients
  • Send invitations with individualised RSVP link via Whatsapp or SMS to phone number recepients
  • Track
    View RSVP statuses of your guest anytime. Update event information, communicate with guests, and make any necessary changes effortlessly.